Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ginny's Quilts Giveaway

What a way to celebrate your 41st birthday! Check out Ginny's giveaway at Ginny's Quilts! She's a very generous person! http://

I already have some of her "favorite" items, she really knows her stuff!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring fever.

The few nice days we've had lately have inspired me. I've finished a quilt from last year's BOM club and now am planning on spending the weekend painting our bedroom to go with the quilt! And as long as I'm painting, the windows will get washed and the blinds cleaned, and new curtains while I'm at it. And of course the furniture gets rearranged! If anyone has a hint for painting a tray ceiling, let me know!

Belle and my husband will complain of course...Belle won't be able to find the things that I know are hidden under the bed, and Dave just hates change....but he'll help me move the furniture anyway!

So spring cleaning will begin, and hopefully while cleaning some items will be put in the boxes for garage sale or Goodwill - depends on how ambitious I am. Garage sales are a lot of work, but I enjoy going to them and recycling someone else's treasures.

My mom is having cataract surgery next week. I'll go up for the surgery and then bring her back home with me. She'll spend a day or two and then we'll do the "Grandma" shuffle, besides Ankeny, she'll get to Altoona, Lee's Summitt (MO), and probably Waterloo on her way back home. So it'd be nice if the weather cooperated!