Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I haven't blogged in a long while. Spring is a busy season at work, fiscal year end and all the reports that go with it. Then the auditors come to visit. By the time I have their report and make all the adjusting entries, we're into July and the summer is half gone.

Spring is also the time to work in the yard. By now, I'm harvesting my garden. Cucumbers, green beans, onions, green peppers, jalapenos and tomatoes are all doing well. I'm doing some canning, mostly beans and tomatoes, including salsa. And freezing peppers. (that's the easy part.) The flower beds are at their best, as are the weeds. Last year I let a thistle grow for the goldfinches. And this year I'm wearing leather gloves and pulling lots of thistles.

This is my flower bed last January.

And here it is 5 months later.

We've managed to get out camping six times this season. Out of those 18 days, it has rained on 15 of them! Never day long rains, but enough so that I've gotten a lot of books and magazines read! I have a great raincoat, so still take walks, but the Beagle Belle doesn't like walking in the rain! She has discovered squirrels and rabbits and "hunts" vigorously with her nose. So when we walk, my arms get as much of a workout as my legs when she pulls me where she wants to go! I weigh 4 times what she does, but she's a strong little girl!

My sewing machine is feeling a little neglected, but gets to go to a quilter's retreat in August, so we will both be happy! I made a few t-shirt quilts for graduation and Father's Day (made enough money to add to my stash) and am now inspired to make some for my sons. I have lots of t-shirts that they've left at home after moving out, so I'll recycle them!

And as always, Belle helps me "test" the quilts!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial day has come and gone. When I was in high school, Memorial Day was still on May 30th, no matter what day of the week it was. We had the day off school, and the marching band traveled to each of the towns in our school district (my graduating class was 110 students from 8 different towns) and played at ceremonies either in town or at the cemetaries. I always ended up wiping the tears off my face after "Taps". Even after hearing it 6 or 7 times that day. I still tear up when I hear it, even at the closing of our Boy Scout meetings....

Speaking of Boy Scouts, I'd like to salute the young men I know who have joined the military in the past several years. They've joined the Army, the Army National Guard, the Air Force, and the Marines. They've served in Iraq, and Kuwait, been stationed in Germany, Hawaii, Texas and Florida. They're all Eagle Scouts and I'm proud to know every one of them.

So here's to B.J., Paul, Richie, Andrew, Ben, and Jon. Take Care. Thank you!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ginny's Quilts Giveaway

What a way to celebrate your 41st birthday! Check out Ginny's giveaway at Ginny's Quilts! She's a very generous person! http://

I already have some of her "favorite" items, she really knows her stuff!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring fever.

The few nice days we've had lately have inspired me. I've finished a quilt from last year's BOM club and now am planning on spending the weekend painting our bedroom to go with the quilt! And as long as I'm painting, the windows will get washed and the blinds cleaned, and new curtains while I'm at it. And of course the furniture gets rearranged! If anyone has a hint for painting a tray ceiling, let me know!

Belle and my husband will complain of course...Belle won't be able to find the things that I know are hidden under the bed, and Dave just hates change....but he'll help me move the furniture anyway!

So spring cleaning will begin, and hopefully while cleaning some items will be put in the boxes for garage sale or Goodwill - depends on how ambitious I am. Garage sales are a lot of work, but I enjoy going to them and recycling someone else's treasures.

My mom is having cataract surgery next week. I'll go up for the surgery and then bring her back home with me. She'll spend a day or two and then we'll do the "Grandma" shuffle, besides Ankeny, she'll get to Altoona, Lee's Summitt (MO), and probably Waterloo on her way back home. So it'd be nice if the weather cooperated!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A great quilting retreat

I went to the quilt retreat last weekend sponsored by Quilter's Cupboard ( - 27 hours of quilting! It was a great way to get some projects worked on and a lot's of fun to watch what others were working on.

These two quilts are the same blocks, but look really different after each quilter finished them. Just goes to show that you could make only one pattern and never have two identical quilts....

A lot of brainstorming and playing with fabrics went on.

And of course there was a lot of great food. I really enjoyed the four different homemade soups and the three different casseroles. And the cakes were great!

And finally, this was my biggest accomplishement for the weekend.

All of the fabrics came from my stash, now I have to figure out the best way to quilt it!

Since the weather was so great, I actually packed up and left a couple of hours early so that I could take the Beagle Belle for a walk. Both of us have cabin fever and are looking forward to camping weather and those long walks.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spring is almost here.

Spring is almost here.
Winter is almost over here in Iowa, and we can now see the deer wandering around.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Still January!

We woke up this morning to a fresh snowfall - about 3 - 4 inches fell overnight. Yesterday was very cold - I don't think it got much above the single digits, so I was pleasantly surprised when there was no wind with this snow and clearing the walks and drives wasn't too bad.

My boys have grown up, so the only snowmen in our yard are these four! We made these when the boys were 5 and 6, so twenty years ago. They've held up well, getting a new coat of paint every so often and new scarves.

Belle came outside while we cleared the snow, and I took her for a long walk. She gets worn out playing in the deep snow, so was happy to come inside and sit in the sun and watch out the window. And fall asleep in the sun!

Doesn't this quilt look like the snowman is saying " I give up!"? Another month or so, and he'll be put away for another year.

So since the outside work is done, it's time to go play with fabric...hopefully I'll have pictures later of new accomplishments!

Stay warm!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally! Time to Blog!

This is how I've felt when walking Belle in below zero windchills!

It's been a long month already. January is usually busy for me at work with lots of deadlines on things like Payroll reports and W2's, Sales taxes, and the like. And this month has been plagued with server problems.

As of today, a new server is installed and (knock wood) all programs are running. Of course, that could change at any moment!

I've taken out some of my frustrations from work by cleaning and organizing my sewing space. It's amazing how much better I feel just going down there with everything picked up, dusted and vacuumed. Of course, once I spend some time down there, it won't stay that way long!

I'm going to a quilt retreat in 9 days. I've got 3 projects ready to take along, but want to get at least 2 more ready. I received a great book on "Stash Buster" quilts for Christmas and won a "Simple Stars" one at my January guild meeting, so have lots of ideas. Two of my projects did come directly from my stash, but I'm sure I'll have to buy something to complete them. :)

A friend had hip replacement surgery last week so I'm taking her this quilt to cuddle up with as she recuperates. It's supposed to warm up to 40 degrees tomorrow, but back down to 9 degrees on Saturday. I'm sure the quilt will get used.

Colors look different in different light!

January weekends are made for quilting!