Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial day has come and gone. When I was in high school, Memorial Day was still on May 30th, no matter what day of the week it was. We had the day off school, and the marching band traveled to each of the towns in our school district (my graduating class was 110 students from 8 different towns) and played at ceremonies either in town or at the cemetaries. I always ended up wiping the tears off my face after "Taps". Even after hearing it 6 or 7 times that day. I still tear up when I hear it, even at the closing of our Boy Scout meetings....

Speaking of Boy Scouts, I'd like to salute the young men I know who have joined the military in the past several years. They've joined the Army, the Army National Guard, the Air Force, and the Marines. They've served in Iraq, and Kuwait, been stationed in Germany, Hawaii, Texas and Florida. They're all Eagle Scouts and I'm proud to know every one of them.

So here's to B.J., Paul, Richie, Andrew, Ben, and Jon. Take Care. Thank you!