Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I haven't blogged in a long while. Spring is a busy season at work, fiscal year end and all the reports that go with it. Then the auditors come to visit. By the time I have their report and make all the adjusting entries, we're into July and the summer is half gone.

Spring is also the time to work in the yard. By now, I'm harvesting my garden. Cucumbers, green beans, onions, green peppers, jalapenos and tomatoes are all doing well. I'm doing some canning, mostly beans and tomatoes, including salsa. And freezing peppers. (that's the easy part.) The flower beds are at their best, as are the weeds. Last year I let a thistle grow for the goldfinches. And this year I'm wearing leather gloves and pulling lots of thistles.

This is my flower bed last January.

And here it is 5 months later.

We've managed to get out camping six times this season. Out of those 18 days, it has rained on 15 of them! Never day long rains, but enough so that I've gotten a lot of books and magazines read! I have a great raincoat, so still take walks, but the Beagle Belle doesn't like walking in the rain! She has discovered squirrels and rabbits and "hunts" vigorously with her nose. So when we walk, my arms get as much of a workout as my legs when she pulls me where she wants to go! I weigh 4 times what she does, but she's a strong little girl!

My sewing machine is feeling a little neglected, but gets to go to a quilter's retreat in August, so we will both be happy! I made a few t-shirt quilts for graduation and Father's Day (made enough money to add to my stash) and am now inspired to make some for my sons. I have lots of t-shirts that they've left at home after moving out, so I'll recycle them!

And as always, Belle helps me "test" the quilts!

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farmersdotter said...

Hi Ann,
Just checking out other quilters blogs and came across yours. Love the picture of the full moon, I really enjoy them too. I see you must like to go to retreats--I have one in my home here in SW Iowa and would love to have you and some of your friends come be my guests! Check it out at Thanks!
Brenda--the Farmer's Dotter